Three facts that’ll have you singing, “I only have eyes for U (shaped kitchens)”

Drooling over the new season full of kitchen makeovers on HGTV? You’re not alone. We think about kitchens for a living, and nothing captures the attention of our team quite like a well-thought out design, shape, or, of course, set of kitchen cabinets. When all three come together, it’s like kitchen magic—yeah, we use that term a lot, but it’s true.

There are a lot of kitchen shapes out there, but there’s one in particular that doesn’t get enough praise: the U-shaped kitchen. There’s a lot to love about U-shaped kitchens, and when you see these design features and options, you won’t be able to look away.

U-shaped kitchens create space for more storage

One of the most beloved features of U-shaped kitchens is the extra storage via additional kitchen cabinets. And it’s not just the fact that there’s more of it, but that it’s more accessible. The three-walled design of U-shaped kitchens means more kitchen cabinets below counters for regularly used and heavy items. No more worrying about dropping your Instant Pot on your toe. Been there, done that.

Pro-tip: If you’re transforming an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen, you can easily bring the look and feel together with a cabinet refacing project, rather than replacing all of your cabinets.

U-shaped cabinets increase your usable counter space

Have you ever heard someone say they have too much counter space in their kitchen? Of course not. That’s because we’re all always trying to wish more of it into existence. For every length of kitchen cabinets you add to your kitchen in pursuit of the U, you’ll also need counter; before you wonder what you’ll do it, don’t worry…it’ll fill up fast. Been there, done that.

Pro-tip: If you’re switching from another kitchen shape to a U-shape, consider getting all new countertops in your kitchen to create flow stability. This is especially important if you’re installing an attached island.

U-shaped kitchens inherently create the work triangle

Kitchen efficiency comes from the work triangle, and there’s no kitchen better suited to this workflow than the U-shaped kitchen. Placing your stove, refrigerator, and sink on adjacent walls naturally creates the work triangle and makes both prep and cleanup easier. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to the circular flow in your own U-shaped kitchen. Been there, done that.

Pro-tip: When you’re working on designing your U-shaped kitchen, make sure that your stove and your refrigerator as close to the “points” or “tips” of the U so that they don’t disrupt the flow of your counter space.

U-shaped kitchens offer everything you could ever want, whether it’s a small, medium, or large kitchen, or if it’s even something bigger or smaller. With enough space in your kitchen, you can add additional features like a free-standing kitchen island, or a small peninsula to turn your U-shaped kitchen into a G-shaped kitchen. Not matter how you design your new kitchen and what you add, by the time you’re done you’ll only have eyes for U-shaped kitchens.

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