Do kitchen cabinet hinges really matter?

When it comes to the look and feel of your kitchen, the first thing you think about is your kitchen cabinets, and the last thing you think about is the hinges on those cabinets. And of course that’s what happens; until a hinge breaks or gets stuck, you never think about them. So, you may it strange to learn that cabinet hinges have a lot more to do with the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen than meets the eye. Here are three big ways that you can include hinges in your kitchen cabinet plans, whether you’re looking for ways to quickly spruce things up or you’re refinishing, refacing or replacing your cabinets.

Painted inset hinges that match your cabinets can modernize your kitchen instantly

You’ve probably heard designers say that faceplates for your outlets and switches should blend into the wall to provide a seamless look to any room. You can do the same thing with your inset (visible) hinges if you want a seamless look in the kitchen. This can be especially helpful if you’ve got old hinges in a funky, outdated color. But don’t just take a paintbrush to those hinges. Hinges painted with regular paint will scuff over time, leaving an eye sore. Instead have your hinges powder coated to match your cabinets. Or, if that’s not an option, pick a fusion-function spray paint that matches your cabinet color. Remember, this is only for painted cabinets, so if you’re rocking natural or stained wood, you’ll need another solution.

Pro tip: Chat with your design specialist at Kitchen FX to discuss the best ways to include your cabinet hinges in your cabinet refinishing project. Our design experts know how to bring your kitchen together and which small touches can modernize and breathe new life into your kitchen quickly.

Hidden hinges prove that hide-and-go-seek never goes out of style

Most modern cabinets have hidden hinges rather than inset hinges. Hidden hinges are only visible when your cabinets are open. Depending on the type of hidden hinges you have, they may require routing out some of the surface of your cabinets. But if you have older cabinets, you’re in luck; some hidden hinges on the market were made for installation without the extra work. So if you’re sick of seeing a hinge on the left side of your cabinet doors, replacing them with hidden hinges might be the answer for you. You can also choose semi-concealed hinges if you want a small part of the hinge to show. Keep in mind that hidden hinges often won’t fit in the same nail and screw holes as your original hinges meaning that you’ll be left with holes to repair.

Pro tip: Hidden hinges often also have other functionalities that make life a little easier. Cup hinges, for example are a type of hidden hinge that are adjustable, so if you need to adjust the hinge, you can without removing it from the door. Let the experts at Kitchen FX help you decide whether hidden hinges can be added to your existing cabinets during your kitchen refinishing project or during your cabinet refacing project.

Own your hinges and show them off for a unique, antiqued style

Hinges don’t have to be hidden inside your cabinets or painted to hide in plain sight. Sometimes, hinges can be a part of the function of your kitchen as well as the form of your kitchen. If you have inset cabinet that create a flat surface, you may want to select non-mortise (surface-mounted) art hinges or antique hinges to give your cabinets an artistic flare. Or, if you have traditional cabinets, consider large hinges that stick out noticeably and provide stark contrast to your kitchen cabinets by design or color. This is an opportunity to let something little be something big, and to really use it to show off your personality.

Pro-tip: Non-mortise hinges are a big commitment; remember that holes will be drilled on the visible side of your cabinets. While a hidden hinge or semi-hidden hinge that you don’t love can be replaced without much work, non-mortise hinges that need replacement may require refinishing or refacing your cabinets. Before you make that commitment, talk it out with the designers at Kitchen FX, who can help you understand all of your options.

Hinges are one of the most overlooked pieces of hardware in the kitchen because we think of them merely as a function of our kitchen cabinets. But when you take a holistic view of your kitchen cabinets, you’ll find that your hinges do more than swing open the doors on your cabinets. They also have the ability to act as a modernizer, an antiquary, or a purveyor of your personality. Who knew so much could “hinge” on something so small?

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