Get Ready for Summer Kitchen Glow-up

Summer is here; the sun is shining through the windows…and making it painfully obvious that your kitchen needs help…now. If your kitchen looks like it has weathered all the storms of winter and spring, now is a great time to let the freedom of summer be your guide, and give your kitchen a little glow-up.

Bring the art of Plein Air to your kitchen

Plein Air painting is done outdoors, resulting in beautiful paintings making the most of blues and whites.  You can do the same for your kitchen with a quick refinish. Cabinet refinishing it quick, easy, and within everyone’s reach. A flat white eggshell blue paint can brighten up any kitchen, and bring a bit of that summer outside…inside.

Pro Tip: Talk to the designers at Kitchen FX about the many different ways to refinish your cabinets; there are many shades of blue and white to fit your personality, and they’re not the only colors out there.

Don’t go soft on a big hardware change

One of the quickest ways to completely the change the look of your kitchen, and especially your kitchen cabinets, is to either add or change the hardware. Cabinet pulls make or break a kitchen, and can completely alter its personality. Who knew a few pieces of metals and some screws could do that?!

Pro Tip: Use online augmented reality tools to add different hardware to pictures of your kitchen before you make your purchase. Alternatively, buy four or five different pulls so you can see which you like best before you commit. Remember, not all pulls are made for all cabinets.

Make a simple seasonal addition

If you’re looking for a less permanent change to help change up your kitchen, you can use accessories to get the job done. Woven rugs used to be reserved for anywhere but the kitchen, but these days they’re all the rage for adding life, personality, and uniqueness to any kitchen.

Pro Tip: Don’t pick rugs that have to be professionally cleaned for use in your kitchen; your feet will always be the first thing to grace these beauties, followed by spaghetti sauce.

Glow-up your kitchen theme

We all have themes we love and want in our kitchens: cats, owls, cows, sunflowers. But when was the last time you gave that theme an update? Remove all of your current accessories, towels, and other themed décor, and think about what might go in that space instead.

Pro Tip: The internet is alive and well with plenty of summer-themed kitchen accessory packs, ideas and planning strategies for every type of kitchen. Go online and let Pinterest Power Moms be your guide.

Summer is the time to let your light, and your kitchen, shine. Use all of these tips, a couple, or just one, and you’ll see your kitchen glow-up for summer in no time.

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