Creating the Perfect OG “Original G-Shaped” Kitchen is Easy with Kitchen Cabinets

Like all other kitchen styles, the g-shaped kitchen has its benefits and its pitfalls. A little more closed off than other kitchen designs, your g-shaped kitchen might feel a bit claustrophobic, especially if you’re in a small space. The positive trade-off is more floor-level kitchen cabinet and counter space. Here’s a few ways you can make use of your g-shaped kitchen to get to your happy place.

Trade out a cabinet for a set of drawers

One of the biggest issues in small kitchens, and often in g-shaped kitchens, is a lack of drawer space. If you’re replacing your current kitchen cabinets, or just refacing your cabinets, consider retrofitting a single cabinet into more drawer space.

Pro-tip: When you’re planning your cabinet do-over, talk candidly with your KitchenFX designers about your storage problems. Our designers have been solving kitchen cabinet problems for over 30 years.

Access the height of your kitchen

Most kitchens come with a standard set of kitchen cabinets, and a lot of overhead space. But, often, this unused space can be converted into another set of cabinets, giving you more room for storage, and less worries about a crowded kitchen.

Pro-tip: Talk to the designers at KitchenFX about unique ways to make the most of the available open space in your g-shaped kitchen. They see kitchens multiple times a day, every day of the week, and have seen every solution there is.

Make the OG work for you

If you’re currently in a u-shaped kitchen, adding an island will instantly transform your space into a g-shaped kitchen, and for a small investment, adds a cabinet, or two, or three, depending on how much floor space you’re willing to give up in exchange. If you’re in a g-shaped kitchen and the island takes up too much space, but you’re dedicated to the storage, consider shortening your island by one-third its length. A short island can still provide much needed storage and counter space without crowding your entryway.

Pro-tip: Talk about your kitchen pain points with your kitchen cabinet designer at KitchenFX. We’ll help you decide what shape kitchen you really need, and how to achieve it both quickly and efficiently.

Build in the necessities, and the not-so-necessary-but-wanted

Often, we get stuck in thinking that the way our kitchen is, is the way that it has to be. But if you’re remodeling, or you’re doing a quick refacing of your kitchen cabinets, you have the opportunity to make some small, simple changes that will make your g-shaped kitchen, no matter what size, the place you always want to be. If you love wine, consider trading out a cabinet for a built-in wine cooler.

Pro-tip: The designers at Kitchen FX want to help you build a kitchen you love, not just one you can live with. Sometimes, small and inexpensive modifications make the biggest change to your kitchen. Talk to your personal designer about refinishing, refacing, and custom cabinets to get to the kitchen you really deserve.

No matter what shape kitchen you have, there’s a solution to make it the kitchen you’ll love. It all starts with a little vision, a little creativity, and a willingness to go “OG” on your kitchen layout.

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