Ceiling Height Kitchen Cabinets: Rad Idea or Bad Idea?

You see them in movies and on television on a regular basis: luxuriously tall cabinets that seem to go on forever, all the way up to the ceiling. But are these cabinets worth it? Are they even practical? Check out our exploration of when ceiling height cabinets make sense, and when they’ll turn your kitchen into a hot mess.

Go for it: A step stool is already required in your kitchen

If you’re already using a step stool to reach the top shelf in your kitchen, then adding a few additional inches won’t change your routine. But you will get up to 25% more storage out of the addition.

Pro tip: Talk to your design team at Kitchen FX about safety, drop down shelving, and other important facts before you commit to having tall custom kitchen cabinets installed. You’ll be glad you did.

Think again: You have weird angles in your kitchen ceiling

Many modern home builders take special care to increase all of the available space for storage, light, and creating an airy feel for your home. This means you’re likely to see the occasional (or regular) odd angle in the wall or in the ceiling. Bringing cabinets all the way to the ceiling in a kitchen with a 45-degree angle means you’ll need custom cabinetry, and the result may not be what you had hoped.

Pro tip: Talk to an expert at Kitchen FX about your storage and cabinet options in a funky-shaped kitchen. Our designers have seen it all over the past 30+ years, and they know how to work around…everything.

Go for it: The top shelf will mostly be for showing off

Tired of your beautiful china collection languishing in the back of a dusty cabinet? Increasing cabinet space with a lighted, glass-door custom kitchen cabinet addition could be just what you’re looking for.

Pro tip: Discuss your goals with your design team at Kitchen FX. There may be multiple solutions for what you’re trying to accomplish. Having more potential solutions will help you get the results you truly desire.

Think again: You have really, really high ceilings

Some houses have kitchens with ceiling heights that defy the imagination. Those are the ones you see on tv, the ones that belong in myths of old, or in ancient libraries. Most kitchens are 8 feet in height, and others (like this one) reaching 10 feet in height. But if your home was custom or luxury, you may have ceiling ranging on 12 feet or higher.

Pro tip: Go into your design process with an open mind and lots of questions. The experts at Kitchen FX will always help you to make the right decisions before you make permanent changes, and that you get what you need and what you want out of your custom kitchen cabinet project.

Go for it: You really need the space

If you have a small kitchen, sometimes the only way to add storage is to “go up.”

Pro tip: Before you decide to add cabinet height, talk to your expert cabinet designer at Kitchen FX. Sometimes, hidden wall space can be tapped into to create additional storage or shelving areas.

Just because you see a kitchen on tv, and someone says it’s right for everyone or that it’s the new “in” thing doesn’t mean it’s right for your kitchen. Height doesn’t always equal quality of product or quality of kitchen life. Talk to your design team at Kitchen FX today to find out whether tall cabinets are a rad idea or a bad idea for your kitchen and your long term needs.

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