What Spring Cleaning Means for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The most unlovable thing about Spring cleaning is the cleaning. And if you’ve missed a Spring or two, you might be in for a nasty surprise. You see, there’s a difference between regular cleaning and the deep cleaning you do in the Spring, and it’s especially important for your cabinets. Check out our list below of things you can do—even if you have to suffer just a little—to bring your cabinets into the new season and keep them functional and beautiful all year long.

Scrub your cabinets inside and out

Regularly wiping down the face of your kitchen cabinets can help to keep the buildup of dirt, skin oils and cells (ewww), cooking oils, food and other grime at bay. But you probably don’t wipe off the whole face of every cabinet every week. Cheers to you if you’re making it happen! Just as important, you’ve got to ask yourself the last time you wiped out the inside of your cabinets. Now is the time to use a food safe cleaner—like three parts water to one part vinegar—and a microfiber cloth to scrub down every inch of your cabinets, even if it means coming face to face with food crumbs you don’t recognize.

Rub a dub dub your kitchen cabinet facings

Once your kitchen cabinets are clean and dry, oil them up if they’re wood or use a cabinet protecting spray if they’re not. Not only will this act of kitchen service make your kitchen more beautiful, it will also ensure the longevity of the largest part of your kitchen.

Declutter those cabinets…just let it go

No matter how long it’s been, you can’t get Elsa out of your head when someone tells you to “let it go.” Use that your advantage and sing the song while you toss an infrequently used or unrecognized appliance or piece of dishware on every “go.” You can even let your kids help.

Consider lining your cabinets

Shelf and drawer liners may be something you forgot about after the 90s, but they now come in gorgeous and fun designs and colors that match up with pretty much any kitchen décor. They’re easy to install, protect your shelves and drawers, and are pretty easy to remove, too. It helps that they’re now peel and stick. Bonus: if you’re sick of cleaning cold shelves in the fridge and freezer, there are shelf liners made just for that.

Set a regular cleaning schedule

Planning your cleaning in your regular routine can help ensure that when Spring cleaning rolls around, it doesn’t even feel like Spring cleaning. Put a little more elbow grease into wiping down your cabinet faces every other month, and don’t forget to oil them down when you’re done. Every quarter, take a look in your cabinets to see what crumbs and “long forgotten” appliances you’re harboring.

Spring cleaning means deep cleaning and there’s pretty much no way to get out of that. But if you know the goals, you can get your kitchen in tip top shape in no time, and of course, let it go.

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