5 Ways to Glam Up Your Kitchen Right Now

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, but it seems too far away—hey, even a few months can be too long—glamming up your kitchen with a few quick makeover tips can help to tide you over. Here’s our best five tips for keeping your kitchen on your good side until it’s on your fabulous side.

Clean up your cabinets

One of the most overlooked quick fixes to a drab kitchen is scrubbing and shining up your kitchen cabinets. While cabinet refacing or total replacement may be the first thing on your kitchen makeover list, cleaning them up can help temporarily solve your problem; a coat of Old English on neglected wood cabinets can remove residue and bring back their original luster. Simply cleaning other types of cabinets can have the same impact.

Change out that cabinet hardware

Cabinet hardware is relatively inexpensive and can instantly change the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets. The best part is, if you find hardware you love, you can always remove it and use it with your new cabinets once they’re installed.

Create Your Own Kitchen Island

The internet is full of creative ideas for repurposing old dressers, tables, cabinets and bookshelves to create kitchen islands that add storage, workspace and life to your existing kitchen.

Temporarily Remove Your Upper Cabinet Doors

Remove cabinet doors? The travesty! But really, temporarily removing your kitchen cabinet doors has three benefits: (1) you start prepping for your kitchen cabinet makeover early on, (2) it forces you to clean up and reconsider your kitchen storage habits, and (3) it will instantly breathe fresh life into your kitchen with a markedly different look.

Change Accessories in Anticipation of Your New Cabinets

Changing accessories is the tried and true way to spruce up a kitchen without making permanent changes. But if you decide to purchase new rugs, towels, and décor, make sure that you’re thinking ahead to your new kitchen and not about your current kitchen. There may be discord for a few weeks, but you’ll be ready to decorate and fall in love with your new kitchen before you know it.

The best way to get ready for a new kitchen is to start making room for what’s to come. Talk to your design expert at Kitchen FX about other small changes you can make now to make easing into your new kitchen much easier in a few weeks or months.

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