Lift Up, Slide Out, Drop Down, Hide-it-All Kitchen Cabinet Solutions

Have you ever walked in your kitchen and thought, “These normal kitchen cabinets aren’t doing it for me?” If you have, you’re certainly not alone. Off-the-shelf, mass-produced kitchen cabinets often have that effect. There’s not enough storage, or they’re too deep and you can’t reach the back. The shelves are too tall, or not tall enough, and you feel like there’s quite a lot of wasted space. Custom kitchen cabinets, or just a few custom alterations or add-ons, can change the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen, and your relationship with it, too.

Slide to the front, slide to the back

Like a good line dance, slide-out shelving in your custom kitchen cabinets move…a lot. That means you get access to everything in the very back of the cabinet without having to unload all of your pots, pans, and appliances every time.

Pro tip: Talk to your designer at Kitchen FX about the best way to add slide-out shelving to your cabinets; whether you need a new set of off-the-shelf cabinets with built in slide-out shelves, or a new custom kitchen, we can help.

Reach up, pull down

If you’re vertically challenged, reaching anything above the lowest shelves on your wall cabinets can be an…experience. Even if you’re blessed with extra height, tall cabinets can be a pain. Pull down shelves solve these problems by bringing your shelves to you.

Pro tip: Adding pull down shelving to your kitchen cabinets is simple when done right. Just ask the experts at Kitchen FX how it will work in your kitchen, and to get help finding the right size shelving.

Feel the uplifting spirit of your kitchen

European kitchen design often incorporates lift up cabinet doors, and they’re making their way into American kitchens. Instead of swinging cabinet doors out into your head space, lift them above to create space that’s safe for dishes, appliances, and foreheads alike.

Pro tip: Removing your current swing-out cabinet doors may seem daunting, but a good cabinet refacing plan combined with other small improvements can make it a simple switch.

Hide your dirty little secrets

There are lot of things you just can’t hide in your kitchen, like your trash bin and your coffee habit. Or, can you? Custom kitchen cabinets and adapters can be used to make room for your trash bin and recycling bin, your coffee pods, and a host of other kitchen eyesores.

Pro tip: Work with the experts at Kitchen FX to match adapters to your cabinets in both look, style and color, so that every change in your kitchen is actually a seamless addition.

Get a little bit tipsy

Have you ever wondered what the purpose is behind the drawers that aren’t drawers at your kitchen sink? Or wished you had something akin to a fold-down potato bin in your built in cabinets? Or been confused by a cabinet that wasn’t quite deep enough for…anything? Custom cabinetry can be made to support tip-out kits for your cabinets, and even those fake cabinet spaces that are otherwise hiding wasted space.

Pro tip: Your design expert at Kitchen FX can help you to decide whether tip-out kits will work in your kitchen, and where you can add them. A good cabinet refacing plan can aid you in making use of wasted space in tough-to-change spaces.

Mass-market producers may tell you what you want in your kitchen, but with more and more options out there every day, working with a custom kitchen cabinets specialist at Kitchen FX can make your kitchen what you actually want.

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