Getting “into” a Galley Kitchen

There’s a lot to love about galley kitchens, also known as corridor kitchens. And while the name might drive some to think of ancient ships sailing the broad seas, this kitchen is definitely more than meets the eye. So whether you’ve got a galley kitchen, or you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, here’s a few reasons to love it.

It’s an easy upgrade from the one-walled kitchen

One-walled kitchens can cause malaise, what with the lack of kitchen cabinet space, everything being lined up in a row, etc. But turning your one-wall into a galley kitchen is easy. Just add cabinets on the opposite side. Easier still is adding those cabinets and making them look like your existing set. With a quick kitchen cabinet refacing project, all of your cabinets can look like they were installed at the same time.

Pro tip: Check with your expert designer at Kitchen FX on the possibilities for adding an extra wall of cabinets and turning your one-wall kitchen into a galley kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

It can leave open space for the designing

If you’ve got the kitchen design bug, then a galley kitchen might be the answer to your prayers. If your walls are set far apart, you may just have room for an added kitchen island or two, creating bar space or extra work space.

Pro tip: Have your Kitchen FX design expert measure the space between your galley kitchen walls and help you determine whether you have space for more kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island, and other new design features.

Galley kitchen easily become G-shaped and U-shaped kitchens

If you don’t have quite enough space between walls to add that kitchen island, you can still add extra work space, by adding an attached island with cabinets at one end, installing a full wall of kitchen cabinets at the other end along a wall, or both. When you’ve got a galley kitchen to update, the world is your oyster.

Pro tip: A simple cabinet reface project paired with adding just a few cabinets can instantly change the layout, look, feel and functionality of your kitchen, taking you from galley to glory in just a couple of steps. Talk with your design specialist at Kitchen FX to learn all of your options for updating your galley kitchen today.

Galley kitchens may be the stuff of gruff movies about sailors and rundown high schools, but in reality, they’re one of the most versatile kitchens when it comes to upgrades and designing for beauty. So if you’ve got a galley kitchen or are upgrading from a one-wall to a galley kitchen, get excited for the positive changes about to come your way.

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