Keeping Your Kitchen (Including Your Cabinets) Clean

Since the “Dawn” of time, a “laundry” list of dos and don’ts has provided, in excruciating detail, the dos and don’ts of cleaning your home, especially the kitchen. Coronavirus or not, flu or not, it’s time to get down to business on cleaning, so that your kitchen, and your kitchen cabinets can do their jobs, and nothing more.

Clean high-touch surfaces daily

Every day cleaning of high-touch surfaces in your kitchen, including the doors of your kitchen cabinets is a good idea all the time—to keep crud and germs from building up—but when viruses are actively spreading in the community it’s a necessity.

You don’t need to spray those “super disinfectants” on your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet surfaces don’t need, and can’t always handle, super disinfecting sprays that you buy at the grocery store. Ruining your cabinet surfaces isn’t necessary to stay safe. According to Connie Steed, president of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, warm water and a liquid detergent will get the job done just right for your kitchen. We like blue Dawn because it is powerful enough to cleanup the after effects of oil spills in the ocean without causing damage.

But if you are using super disinfectants…

Follow the manufacturer instructions to a T. Some have to sit for a while to do their job. Some will melt the finish right off your kitchen cabinets or chisel their way through your countertops. Read the instructions.

Use disposable cleaning products or clean your resources carefully

Paper towels and wipes are great for the kitchen because they’re disposable on the spot. You’re not tempted to use them again and again, transferring germs and dirt, and who knows what else, back and forth across your kitchen. If you do keep towels and sponges, be sure to wash them, either in the dishwasher on sterilize, or in the washing machine with hot water.

Remember, keeping your kitchen cabinets, and the rest of your kitchen clean, of germs, viruses and dirt doesn’t change from a regular day to when a virus is spreading. Stay diligent in your cleaning regimen and your kitchen will be a safe haven.

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