Artisan Kitchen Finishes? Yes, Please!

If your kitchen has been around the block a few times and looks the part, you’re not alone. Outdated or old cabinets can make your kitchen look worn out, rundown, and in some cases unusable. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed; it happens. Over time, styles changes, paint chips, and stains become worn or faded. Artisan cabinet refinishing can change the whole look of your kitchen while avoiding the cost and inconvenience associated with getting all new cabinetry. And the options are nearly unlimited. Here are just a handful of the options you have for kitchen cabinet refacing in your home when you work with an artisan cabinet refinisher at KitchenFX.

Opaque lacquer

Pigmented to get the look of paint, solid color, or opaque, lacquers are easy and cost-effective to apply. They dry evenly on cabinet surfaces and resist chipping, so you can enjoy your refinished cabinets for years to come, no matter how many pots, pans, knives or heads bump into them.

Tinted lacquer

Tinted lacquer is made by adding dyes or colorants to clear lacquer. The goal isn’t to cover up the wood grain, but rather highlight its uniqueness, and bring out its personality.

Rub through

If you’re working towards a farmhouse look, nothing makes it happen like the rub through technique, where the finish is sanded off randomly and replaced with stain (or nothing) to leave the worn look of well-loved cabinets. A rundown look made on purpose looks a whole lot different than the kind caused over time.

Accent glaze

Accent glazes add a little bit of personality and depth to a solid color or stain. The subtle strategically adds shadowing or deeper colors to grooves and designs in your kitchen cabinets.


Refinishing cabinets doesn’t mean they have to look brand new when you’re down. Antiquing or distressing is popular because it adds charm, warmth, and a little mystery to your otherwise perfect cabinets. The light tarnish and color variations, often paired with rub through techniques, will add character to your kitchen.

Strip and stain

While more labor intensive than other cabinet refinishing options, if you’re interested in bringing stained cabinets back to their original glory, the option to strip and stain is always there. And it happens just like it sounds. The original stain is stripped away and new stain is applied, following by a clear finish.

With all of the options available for your kitchen cabinet refinish project, the sky is the limit. Having an artisan cabinet refinisher, like the designers at KitchenFX, help with your refinishing project, can help make your new cabinets perfect, whether they look new or look old.

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