Lasting Kitchen Designs That Will Keep You Happy for Years to Come

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, it’s tempting to make every kitchen cabinet, every countertop, every appliance, and every corner shout your individuality from the rooftop, or rather, the cooktop. But the truth is, the reason we all get a little tired of our kitchens is because we design the most permanent parts to fit a fluid part of our lives; as our personalities mature and our lives change, our tastes and needs invariably go along with them. Check out these top ways to make your kitchen unique without creating undoable changes.

Choose simple cabinets with clean lines

Cabinet styles come and cabinet styles go, and the more ornate your cabinetry, the more likely you are to wonder “where is the love” in a year or two. Simple cabinet styles like shaker cabinets are easy to clean, fit in with any countertops or other design features you might upgrade over time, and when it comes to cabinet refinishing, they’re some of the easiest to work with.

Pro tip: Even if you don’t have shaker cabinets now, a quick and simple cabinet refacing project can bring the clean lines of shaker cabinets to your home. Don’t love the shaker cabinet look? Ask your Hutto custom cabinet specialists at KitchenFX about contemporary, slab and craftsman cabinets as alternatives.

Use color to make changes that don’t have to last

White cabinets had their heyday, and remain popular for their bright and clean look. But if you’re having trouble keeping them clean, or white just doesn’t speak to you or for you, refinishing your cabinets might be the way to go. Cabinet refinishing is one of the quickest ways to bring a less permanent, but significant change to your kitchen. Deep navy and dove grey can make any kitchen look stately. Lime greens and yellow can brighten up your kitchen without a permanent commitment.

Pro tip: Work with your cabinet design specialist at KitchenFX to pick colors that speak to your personality, look clean, brighten up your space, and most importantly, make your space truly yours.

Accessorize your space to make it sing

The problem with kitchens is that we think of them are primarily utilitarian spaces. That’s why we tend to choose cabinet styles and appliances that won’t stand the test of time and our ever-evolving tastes; we think that’s the only way to make our kitchens a part of our homes. But accessories belong in the kitchen, too. The right cabinet pulls, the right towels, the right floor mats, the right wall hanging. Everything down to your utensil holders and sugar and flour containers can spice up your kitchen (pun intended).

Pro tip: Think about what you want your kitchen experience to look and feel like before you pick kitchen cabinets and colors. If you have vintage or beloved accessories, find ways to incorporate them into the planning process with your design pros.

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