Creating an Ultra-cool Urban Loft Kitchen

Urban lofts seethe coolness, chant through their effectiveness, and are some of the most people-friendly spaces to live. To get that vibe you don’t have to move to downtown LA. In fact, you can transform your Austin kitchen to ultra-cool urban loft with a few tweaks to your kitchen cabinets and your accessories.

Go with monochrome

Urban lofts epitomize monochrome color schemes. A roughed up, brick veneer backsplash paired with refinished cabinets in black or dark brown will instantly elevate and urbanize your kitchen.

Pro tip: Work with the Austin kitchen designers at KitchenFX to choose the best combinations for your kitchen’s look and feel, while maintaining efficiency.

Flatten out your cabinets

Urban loft kitchens feature flat cabinets in single panels, sleek builds like Shaker or Napa panels, and aluminum frames and glass. Custom cabinets can bring your urban loft dreams to life. And if you’re not ready for fully custom cabinets, refaced kitchen cabinets will help get the same job done with less change.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to mix metals, glass, and wood. Your designers at KitchenFX will help you to combine all of the right elements to customize or refinish you’re your cabinets.

Get comfortable with being a little exposed

The urban loft aesthetic is completed by the exposed look: exposed kitchen cabinet shelving, exposed fixtures, exposed storage…you get the idea. Expose yourself…hmmm, or maybe just what’s behind your kitchen cabinet doors, with a more open look.

Pro Tip: Let the designers at KitchenFX help you to decide where to lose a cabinet door, how to expose shelves with glass doors, hollow cabinets, and more.

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When it comes to urban lofts, the most exquisite designs are the ones that embrace simplicity: in palette, in design features, in cabinets, and in coverage. Minimize to maximize and you’ll end up with the most urbanized loft kitchen yet.

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