Take Your Kitchen—No Matter What Shape—to the Next Level

If you’ve been searching social media for the answers to your kitchen design questions, no doubt you’ve seen your share of variety. But did you know that nearly all kitchen layouts are borne of just five foundational designs? To take your kitchen to the next level, all you have to do is define what matters to you most, then work to achieve the design that will create the workstation of your dreams.

Single wall—Pullman—kitchen

The single wall kitchen, or “Pullman” kitchen, has kitchen cabinets and appliances lined up along just one wall. It saves space, but isn’t always the perfect work area. Check out our Pullman Kitchen article for ideas on livening up your one-wall kitchen.

Pro tip: Work with your design pro at KitchenFX to add a few additional custom kitchen cabinets—and on cabinet refacing for a matching space—and a quick kitchen island install to add depth and efficiency to your space.

Galley kitchen

A galley kitchen retains many of the features of a single wall kitchen, the major difference being the kitchen cabinets are set apart of parallel walls. The bonus? Lots of added counter and workspace.

Pro tip: Talk to your San Antonio cabinet design expert about adding cabinet space, opening up your workspace, and changing the look of your kitchen with cabinet refacing.

L-shaped kitchen

Just like it sounds, an L-shaped kitchen appears in the shape of an L, with the majority of your kitchen cabinets running on two adjacent walls that meet in a corner. L-shaped kitchens are beloved for their versatility and flexibility that allow appliances to be placed nearly anywhere in the design and that leave large open spaces to be used for workstations, tables, or entertaining.

Pro tip: Talk to the experts at KitchenFX about adding custom kitchen cabinets on an island with a bar to create more workspace and immediately create a welcoming atmosphere.

U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchens create the shape of the letter “U” by utilizing space along three walls in the kitchen. If you’ve got a U-shaped kitchen, you’ve got the infrastructure for the kind of kitchen you can cook in, entertain in, and overall, spend a lot of time in, if done correctly. Done poorly, a U-shaped kitchen can feel cramped, and make guests or even your kitchen helpers feel unwelcome.

Pro tip: The right cabinets make all the different in a U-shaped kitchen. Talk with our designers at KitchenFX and let them work with you to build custom cabinets that will take your U-shaped kitchen from a frown to a smile.

G-shaped kitchen       

Just like the U-shaped kitchen, G-shaped kitchen use three walls of your kitchen; however, the addition of a peninsula or attached island adds the flourish and some kitchen cabinet space.

Pro tip: Done correctly and with help from a KitchenFX kitchen cabinet design pro, a G-shaped kitchen is one of the best and most versatile layouts, with room for multiple cooks, multiple work surfaces, bar seating, added storage and more.

Whatever your kitchen layout, a designer at KitchenFX paired with your imagination can help turn your kitchen into the perfect workspace. Not to sound hokey, but…if you can dream it, we can do it.

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