Do the Cabinets Really Have to Match? and Other Big Questions About the Laundry Room

Trolling Pinterest, new home construction Insta-stories, and Facebook posts featuring your besties new pad all point to one thing: matching cabinets in the kitchen, the bathrooms and even the laundry room. But do you laundry room cabinets really need to follow suit with the rest of the house? Or should they have their own look, feel, and features? Check out our top five questions about laundry room cabinets so you can relax every wash day.

Do the laundry room cabinets have to match the kitchen cabinets?

If you’re worried that your mismatched laundry room cabinets mean you’re missing out on a hot trend, don’t. New homes and completely remodeled homes often sport laundry room and bathroom cabinets identical to kitchen cabinets because it’s cost-effective. If all you need to do is add cabinets to the laundry room, there’s no unspoken rule obligating you to make them match the kitchen. Except maybe if the laundry is in the kitchen.

Pro tip: Some custom cabinet designers will try to convince you that your cabinets “have” to match for resale value. The experts at KitchenFX will help you to make smart choices that complement your home without requiring a perfect match.

How big are the laundry room cabinets supposed to be?

Just like your kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets have a base depth of 24 inches and a upper depth of 12 inches. The height of your cabinets might be impacted by the setup of your laundry room. For example, stackable washer and dryer pairs are over 75 inches tall when stacked, leaving just 11 inches (and a high reach) for cabinets above the pair.

Pro tip: Talk through your goals for your laundry room cabinets with your San Antonio KitchenFX designers. No matter what your laundry room looks like, there’s a solution for your cabinet conundrum.

What are you supposed to store in laundry room cabinets?

Just like kitchen cabinets and the pantry, use your laundry room cabinets to store the essentials, like bleach, detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, ironing accessories,  and sewing supplies.

Pro Tip: Explore the possibilities for your laundry room cabinets with KitchenFX. Our designers are always looking for ways to make your life a little easier while making your home more beautiful and more functional.

Are cabinets even safe for the laundry room?

Cabinets are an excellent and functional addition to any laundry room. But it’s important to think about safety. Install locks on cabinets within reach of little hands. Take care to never store heavy items, like your 200-ounce laundry detergent bottle, above your head.

Pro tip: Walk through any safety concerns with your KitchenFX cabinet designers. Our experts know how to solve for height issues, curious young children, and anything else that might come your way.

What color are laundry room cabinets supposed to be?

One of the most popular colors for the laundry room is…white. It looks crisp and clean, like freshly washed linens. But that shouldn’t stop you from adding a splash of color. Try vibrant tones in citrus colors like lime and orange, or add a dove grey for a gentle splash of color.

Pro tip: Whether you’re installing off-the-shelf cabinets or custom cabinets in your laundry room, let our San Antonio cabinet design experts help you choose the perfect color for your space.

The laundry room is one of the most used rooms in your house, even if it’s just by you. Making it as functional as possible with make wash day a breeze. Worry less about the trends and more about your needs, and you’ll be wishing for wash day every day. Well, maybe not, but it’s a nice thought.

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