Creative Ways for Creating More Storage in Your Cabinets with Simple Shelving Changes

Your kitchen storage needs are growing—whether you’re building a family, embarking on a healthier lifestyle, or testing out the latest kitchen gadgets each week—and your current kitchen cabinets aren’t cutting it. Whether you decide to modify your current cabinets, or invest in semi-custom cabinets or fully custom cabinets, here’s a few tips for creating your dream kitchen design.

Think outside standard shelving

The easiest way to solve storage problems in your kitchen cabinets may be to add bins, but the most permanent and meaningful change is to give up standard shelving for extended and pull-out shelving. Gone are the days of short shelves that won’t store anything and digging around in deep cabinets for a pot you only use once a year.

Pro tip: Mosr cabinet systems can be fitted with roll-out shelving. IF you’re not ready for a full custom kitchen overhaul, talk to your Austin, Texas design expert at Kitchen FX about modifications you can make without starting from scratch.

Rethink the use of your cabinet space

It’s no secret that kitchens can harbor significant amounts of wasted space. That tall cupboard or closet you’re using to store the trash can? Turn it into better storage by modifying the shelving.

Pro tip: Talking to your kitchen design team at Kitchen FX about creating space by adding shelving to otherwise wasted cabinet space.

Add cabinets to open, unused spaces

Space will always be a hot commodity in the kitchen, and the closer you get to the ceiling, the more likely you are to be wasting space. Consider installing additional cabinets above your currently existing cabinets to take advantage of unused “ceiling” space. Use these cabinets to store small appliances, fine china, and other kitchen objects that make only infrequent appearances.

Pro-tip: Work with Kitchen FX designers to personalize your kitchen, find unused space, and design custom cabinetry that will make your heart swoon.

Creating the right storage solutions for your kitchen—whether fully custom, semi-custom or an addition to what you’ve already got—will create the kind of visual treat that has you sneaking into the kitchen at midnight for more than just a snack.

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