Creating the Cozy Kitchen of Your Dreams

Cozy isn’t a word traditionally ascribed to the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets don’t give hugs, sinks don’t sing aspirations, and refrigerators don’t provide comfort, although some, including myself, would disagree with that in times of stress. Yet, your kitchen is the place where you celebrate birthdays with a fresh-baked cake, treat boo-boos with a popsicle or an ice pack, and where your family comes together to make memories and messes, and build jigsaw puzzles. A space like that deserves to be cozy. Here’s a few ways you can make that happen.

Create seating spaces that let you cozy up to family

Kitchens aren’t limited to a table and four to six chairs. A cozy nook for cuddling, a couch, and comfy bar chairs and plenty of other places to sit, visit, chat, and build dreams can take your kitchen from utilitarian to the new most important room in your house.

Choose kitchen cabinets that make everyone feel welcome

Your kitchen cabinets take up the most visual space in your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to feel cozy, choose custom kitchen cabinets or more budget-friendly cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing to create the look that says, “Come on in.” Natural wood cabinets bring an earthy, comfortable feeling to your home; blues, creams, and “country” style colorings can also evoke a sense of warmth, connection and home.

Choose accessories that beckon people in

Everything about your kitchen has the potential to be an invitation. Large workspaces invite family to cook together, and make those all-important messes that lead to lasting memories. Your backsplash, your bar chairs, even your lighting fixtures and the warmth and color of your lightbulbs have the potential to invite your family and friends inside. Warm tones and warm lights will always say, “Come in and stay awhile.” If your goal is to attract family and friends like honey attracts flies, it’s time to add light, warmth, comfort, and welcoming colors to your kitchen, and turn it into the room it was always meant to be: the family room.

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