Got a case of the kitchen cabinet blues? Good.

When it comes to color for your kitchen cabinets, blue is a tried and true favorite, and with good reason. It’s one of the only colors that has staying power across decades, packs a punch when applied as a statement, and can create space, warmth, and a sense of welcome. Here are some of the best ways to put your blues to use in the kitchen to create a space that will lift your spirits for years to come.

Bring the beach into your kitchen with island blues.

It’s hard to imagine feeling the blues when you’re an ocean away on an island paradise. But in your personal paradise, you’ll be seeking island blues to create a sense of relaxation and that “away from it all feeling,” you can only get where seashells, teak, and the ocean come together. Lucky for you, that paradise can be your kitchen with the right combo of countertops, backsplashes and kitchen cabinets.

Sing the modern form and function blues to clean lines and sassy class.

Navy blue is considered to be one of the classiest colors for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re resurfacing your cabinets, refacing cabinets, or putting in new custom kitchen cabinets, navy blue can set the tone for choosing clean lines, color pops and tight corners that say scream modern, while always saying, “Use me, love me, enjoy me.”

Feel the blues of the European landscape.

There’s something about Europe…and blue goes so well with the feelings it invokes. Paired with the right backsplash, a muted dove blue can make you feel like you’re walking into a kitchen in Vienna, Paris, or London. Simplicity is Queen in European kitchens, and if you’re low on cabinets and counterspace, dove blues can help to open up your space, just like it does across the pond.

Go true blue country with true country blue.

There’s nothing quite like a dusty country blue to make you feel like you’re in a farmhouse in the middle of the old Georgia countryside; all that’s missing is a few chickens outside the door and a fresh pie cooling on the windowsill. Pair your country blues with uneven lines, unique designs, and muted reds, yellows, off-whites and reddish-brown stains in your kitchen cabinets and countertops for true country bliss.

If you’re singing the kitchen blues, dig in and find the hue that will make the blues the place you want to be.

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