What is custom cabinetry? Can it really work for you?

You’ve pinned it all before: the gorgeous kitchens of the Instagram rock star chefs and moms who’ve got it so together that you (or your wife) hates them just a little bit. You’ve dreamed of the day your kitchen cabinets will look like a million bucks…without spending a million bucks. But none of the cabinets at the local big box store come close to your pins. They look manufactured and mass produced. News flash: they are. Never fear. Custom kitchen cabinets are the cure for what ails you. But are they really right for your kitchen? Here’s a few questions to ask before you go from pin happy to pin permanent in your kitchen.

Does your budget support custom cabinetry?

Oftentimes we’re blinded by the Pinterest Power Moms or the Instagram Chefs in their perfect kitchens. Reality is that those perfect kitchens may be paid for by an advertiser or may just “look” totally custom. That doesn’t mean custom cabinets are out of your reach. Start your search armed with good linear feet measurements—measure the height, width and depth for your new cabinets both above and below the counter to come up with the total linear feet. Multiply that number by the price per linear foot for your custom project to find out if your budget needs to be bigger or if your dream needs a tweak.

Will custom cabinets fit in your space?

Custom kitchen cabinets are often used in weird kitchens: the ones that have an irregular floor plan, leveled ceilings, or special space requirements. If your kitchen isn’t “weird” you may not need fully custom cabinets.

Is there another option for you besides custom kitchen cabinets?

The short answer is yes, there’s definitely another option, and you don’t have to crawl back to the big box store to get it. Semi-custom cabinets start with a stock cabinet, but offer you options for extra detailing and flexibility with door fronts, cabinet depth, drawer sizes, and more. Cabinet refacing offers yet another excellent solution, allowing you to reskin your kitchen cabinets with new drawer fronts and cabinet doors without having to tear out your old cabinets.

Whether you’re ready to launch your kitchen to internet stardom—or just pretend like you will—or you just want an update, custom cabinetry is just one option to think about. Between full custom, semi-custom and cabinet refacing you’ll be a kitchen design powerhouse in no time no matter what your budget, style or timeline has to say about it.

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