The ending is the best part…cabinet end(ings) that is

Walk into your kitchen. What’s the first thing you notice? It’s probably not the end panels of your kitchen cabinets, and that’s good news. Well done end panels should be the last thing you think about (pun intended). That decorative panel at the end of your cabinets hide the exposed end and make your cabinet design more beautiful and longer-lasting.

Here’s a few reasons to love your cabinet end panels and keep them in good repair.

Kitchen cabinet end panels make your kitchen look more uniform.

End panels are added after your kitchen cabinets have been built or prefabricated. They can be built and painted to match your cabinets and bring your kitchen together.

Use end panels to build the kitchen you want.

End panels allow you to create your kitchen in whatever way you choose, with cabinet endings appearing on kitchen islands, at doorways, and in open spaces. Kitchen cabinet endings mean you’re not stuck building cabinets between walls…the kitchen is yours to command!

Make your personality pop with your kitchen cabinet end panels.

Use end panels and cabinet refacing to give your kitchen a unique look that fits with your personality and style. You can use cabinet end panels as an accent against the rest of your kitchen to give a big pop.

Class up your cabinets.

End panels can be made out of solid wood to give the substrate in your kitchen cabinets and cabinet facings the appearance of also being made of real wood. When you’re trying to save a little bit of money without sacrificing the look and feel of quality, or the end panel quality that will protect your cabinets for years to come, solid wood kitchen cabinet end panels are the way to go.

Cabinet end panels. The most overlooked and neglected item in your kitchen cabinet setup. Also, one of the easiest to modify, class up, and make last. If you’re headed for a cabinet refacing or resurfacing, or a kitchen renovation, don’t overlook your cabinet end panels.

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