Brass or bronze? Stepping away from silver to earthier kitchen hues

Gone are the dog days of kitchen design with stainless steel as the only (or only affordable) available and acceptable color for kitchen cabinet and drawer pulls, and fixtures. Brass, copper, and bronze are more than making their way into the kitchen, they’re taking over. So pump up the volume on a little Florence + the Machine and check out some ways you can make the most of earthier hues in your metals and give your kitchen a natural, welcoming, and “wow” factor.

Express versatility over time with copper

You’re already familiar with copper in the kitchen; you probably have a few copper pots and pans hidden away in your lower cabinets. If cooking with copper makes you feel like you’re preparing a meal in the “old world” you’re not alone. And you can spread that feeling around your kitchen with copper fixtures, and even countertops. Copper ages naturally, changing color over the years and gaining patina with use. It brings contrast, beauty and earth to your home in greens, browns, and reds, without you having to do anything except let it be.

Antique your bronze for that straight out of the woods feel

Bronze is one of the most versatile metals in the kitchen. While bronze traditionally begins life with a deep and warm golden hue, time will form a brownish-blackish patina on this metal, and you don’t even have to wait for it. Antiqued bronze is widely available in varying degrees of patina, allowing you to bring that “left in the rain in the woods for xx number of years” feel to your kitchen cabinets, kitchen sink and other areas of your home, while also creating a degree of class unmatched by other fixtures.

Get rosy with a little bit of brass

If rosy-cheeked littles run around your home, unlacquered brass is not only a beautiful, earthy choice that evokes fields of roses aglow under golden sunshine; it also means no fingerprints on your shiny kitchen cabinet pulls. Unlacquered brass also brings that natural, “no two look alike,” look to your kitchen since its shape is rarely perfectly uniform and the patina will make it look just a little dirty as time wears on.

If you want to go earthy but you’re not sure how to get there, bring home a few pulls in varying shades for your kitchen cabinets and place pictures of your new sinks, countertops and fixtures around. Once you’re ready to make some changes, grab the tool bag, your boom box, and get ready move from the dog days of kitchen hardware to earthen peace.

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