Kitchen Remodel Coming Your Way? Here’s Where to Splurge and Where to Scrimp

Kitchen remodels are nothing like you see on tv. No matter how much kitchen magic dust you furiously toss around, Alison Victoria is not going to appear out of thin air and be your fairy kitchen mother. That means you’re going to have to make some big decisions all on your own to make it through and come out golden on the other side. Before you embark on your kitchen transformation journey, check out our list of a few things to splurge on and few things to scrimp on that even Miss Victoria would approve.

Splurge: Kitchen cabinet functionality and installation

Kitchen cabinets can be one of the most expensive pieces of a remodel. Choose drawers and doors with a soft-close feature, and build out cabinets up to the ceiling for added storage. Whatever you choose, let a pro do the install.

Scrimp: Kitchen cabinet material

Go ahead and get the veneer. Or pay for cabinet refacing or cabinet resurfacing. It will look like you spent a fortune on new cabinets and you’re the only one who will ever know the truth. We promise to keep your secret.

Splurge: Counters that will stand up to use and time

No matter what kind of countertop you have in mind—granite, butcher block, concrete—make sure that you pick a counter that can stand up to use. Countertops are an expensive part of any remodel, but you can rely on grades—granite, for example, comes in grades from 1-5—to help bring down the cost.

Scrimp: Porcelain floor tiles that look like stone

Stone floors can eat through a kitchen remodel budget faster than you can pray to Miss Victoria, goddess of kitchen remodels. Instead, opt for porcelain tiles that look like natural stone, will hold up to time, and won’t eat through your budget.

Splurge: Backsplash that you love

Backsplash is a place to show off the unique style of your home and yourself. You can buy backsplash for as little as $2 per square foot, but you should always buy a backsplash that you love and will continue to love for a long time.

Scrimp: Appliances that actually meet your needs

When you’re renovating it’s tempting to get rid of everything and start over. But why get rid of appliances that work and that meet your needs? Avoid ditching your appliances unless you have to. And if you do decide to buy new, don’t go with all the bells and whistles. Buy what you need, otherwise you’re throwing money away.

Your kitchen remodel will be here and gone before you know it. You may not be able to click your heels three times to get Alison onto the front lines, but knowing where to scrimp and where to splurge will help you make it to end of your remodel with happy floors, happy kitchen cabinets, happy countertops and one happy homeowner.

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