Dreaming of a Farmhouse Kitchen? Here’s 5 Ways to Make it Shine.

Farmhouse kitchens are, and always have been, the rage. And it’s no wonder why: they never go out of style. You can give your kitchen a vintage farmhouse look and feel without sacrificing modernity. Here’s five things you can do, from décor to kitchen cabinets, to make your kitchen something cluck about.

Repurpose and revive to bring your kitchen to life.

One of the quickest ways to give your kitchen a vintage farmhouse look is to repurpose the old and give it new life. Found and old crate at a flea market? Turn it into a coffee station. Have a box of antique sugar or flour sacks? Turn them into seat cushions, pillows and covers. Found old signs and farmhouse wall backing? Use them to create a unique backsplash or incorporate them into a kitchen cabinet refacing project.

Vintage is a crock…for storage, that is.

Head out to yard sales, flea markets, and antique shops to grab old crocks and pottery. Use them for displays along the tops of your kitchen cabinets, to store utensils on countertops, or in your kitchen cabinets to store napkins, sugar packets, etc.

Give your kitchen cabinets that worn, used look.

The cornerstone of vintage farmhouse kitchens are they worn edges of wood slab countertops and well-used kitchen cabinets. You could paint or stain your cabinets and wait for them to wear over time, but who has the patience for that? Instead, a painting your kitchen cabinets with chalk-based kitchen cabinet paint and intentionally (but carefully) wearing the edges, will give you the look you want without having to wait decades. Be careful with methods that cause paint to chip, or you might be eating more than just carrots and roast.

Open things up, by giving up cabinet doors.

You’ve probably noticed that farmhouse kitchens tend to lack wall hanging cabinets, and most cabinets are near to the floor. If you just can’t give up your cabinets for open shelving, consider giving up your kitchen cabinet doors, or replacing them with doors made from bubble glass or chicken wire. While untraditional, these fun additions will add a unique touch of “you” to your farmhouse kitchen.

Give up “standard” and go with “whatever.”

True, crafty farmhouse kitchens don’t give a d@**. Farming funnels take on a second life as light fixtures, while wood from the old back porch becomes the kitchen island, and signs from sugar, meat and grocery markets adorn walls, cabinets, and backsplashes. Life on the farm was all about going with the flow and making use of what you had, so really, anything goes.

Look around your house, garage, and the neighborhood junk pile before you get started on your farmhouse kitchen. Then let the inspiration take you back to the farm.

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