Five Kitchen Cabinet Designs Blowing it Out of the Water in 2019 that Will Stick With You for Years

Every year has had its big kitchen trends, and you may have fallen victim to marbled orange Formica counters paired with mustard yellow kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, 2019 has come with trends that won’t expire along with the cream cheese at the back of your refrigerator or with the New Year. Here’s a few new trends that you can count on to bring joy, and function, to your kitchen for years to come.

Smooth lines and flat surfaces from concealed storage

Storage integrated directly into cabinets through the use of cabinet refacing is an easy, cost-effective change that bring smooth lines and flat visual affect to your kitchen. Hiding the bar, the pantry, the cleaning closet, and other storage areas within your kitchen cabinets will keep your kitchen clean, organized, and appealing.

Go natural with real wood

This is the year to bring calm and peace to your life, your home, and your kitchen. That’s why natural wood surfaces, including natural wood kitchen cabinets and butcher block counters are in style. What’s better than in style now? Natural wood never goes out of style, and it will retain its beauty, luster and value as long as you give it the love and care it needs.

Go even more natural with a live edge

Live edge materials will not only bring a natural feel to your kitchen, but will also make it more Earthy. Live edge materials take the abuse of time, kids, cooking, failing to cook well, and life. Dents, dings, scratches, and other abuse will add character to your kitchen cabinets or counters, and will build memories rather than stress.

Colored cabinets to bring light and life to your space

If your kitchen needs spice, try adding color to your kitchen cabinets. Colored cabinets, including yellow, dove grey and celery green will keep your space open and stay classy over time. Paired with a butcher block counter you’ll create a space to last decades.

Add open shelving to your kitchen cabinets for a beautiful design

Homeowners are taking inspiration from everywhere, including hotels, boutique shops, and even museums. Open shelving gives these spaces panache, and adding open shelving to your kitchen will also give it a more open feel.

Most trends come and go, but these trends will stick with you and your family through every stage of life, and through everything that goes on in your kitchen. What was a 2019 trend that caught your eye will turn out to the be the classics that you can rely on for decades to come.

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